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Beatles Rock Music

Music Dissertations - So much has been said and written about the Beatles - and their story is so mythic in its sweep - that it is difficult to summarize... ...

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Popular Music Peace Uganda

When musicians begin to sing peace! The Role of Popular Music in Transforming Conflict and Peacebuilding in Northern Uganda. ...

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Greek Sub Culture

Music Dissertations - Rembetika is the Greek urban song that emerged during the 20th century. The aim of this dissertation will be to approach... ...

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Essential Skills Of An Opera Singer

In this dissertation emphasis will be placed on the marriage of three concepts namely: good voice (singing technique), musicality and acting for opera (building the character) in the training of a successful opera singer - hereafter referred to as the singer-actor....

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Culture Free Music

Music Dissertations - The past ten years have witnessed an enormous growth of musicology within the music and entertainment industry with questions... ...

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Music Education Ai

Music Dissertations - The goal of this paper is to review the principal approaches to Music Education with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI)... ...

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