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Management Essay Questions

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of our professional work here.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Published: Wed, 05 Sep 2018

Sample Management Essay Questions

  1. A conclusion of whether the organisation is worthy of investment.
  2. A report carrying out an investigation on an organisation undergoing radical change such as downsizing etc. Please carry out this investigation on the BBC undergoing downsizing.
  3. Ability to analyse the complexity of organisations and their environments.
  4. Advanced Professional Development (post graduate diplom and the client would like you to use the SWOT analysis carrying out the work personal development plan.
  5. Aid impedes development; it doesnt promote it.
  6. Analysed critically and elaborate the E-Marketing strategy for the company Dell as an e-business strategy. Basically all main points for dells e-marketing and how they are competing on the market too.
  7. Be able to explain and describe current leadership research and how the research is useful in understanding the link between organisational change and leadership and how an understanding of the theories can help to overcome resistance to change in organisational specific environments.
  8. Carry out an analysis of the Intel company using appropriate theories.
  9. Choose and describe a multinational company of your choice and its organisational model. Select a current problem that the company is facing. Explain what intervention could or would be relevant to the situation and why and justify your answer. Provide a proposal for the intervention. Use supporting literature to assist your argument.
  10. Compare the options by how much Strategic Competitive advantage will they create
  11. Critically analyse a local Community development project in terms of its differential impact on the stakeholders and their networks.
  12. Critically analyse and critically discuss the main issues related to Learning and Development in the workplace. This must be presented in a logical and coherent way and be supported by relevant theoretical and research knowledge.
  13. Critically analyse David Ulrich model, in business partnering in helping to deliver value to organisation.
  14. Critically assess the (development view) of organisation proposed by Larry Greiner. the usefulness and limitation of this approach to alternative type of organisation like American organisations.
  15. Critically assess the key learning and development challenges that face modern organisations in todays changing environment?.
  16. Critically compare and contrast industrial relations practice in Britain and Australia.
  17. Critically evaluate the above statement in the context of International HRM.
  18. Critically evaluate the various economic, political industrial and internal union factors which have influenced these fluctuations; then asses, (with supporting evidence) whether British trade union membership is likely to grow or decline in the next five years.
  19. Critically evaluate the various economic, political, industrial and internal union factors which may have influence these fluctuations; then assess, (with supporting evidence), whether British trade union membership is likely to grow or decline in the next five years.
  20. Critically evaluate Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair in terms of one or more of the aspects of the psychological contract and discuss the different challenges faced by managers in both organisations as they aim to sustain the psychological contract of their employees whilst achieving organisational effectiveness.
  21. Discuss how the different stages of the product life cycle can affect a businesss cost recovery performance
  22. Discuss this statement illustrating your answer with an example from an organisation of your choice.
  23. Discuss what implications for organizational design and management of shortening product cycle?
  24. Drawing on a critical examination of both theory and empirical research, how can the role of leadership be best understood in organisational change?
  25. Due to current expansion during the financial downturn D&D International Enterprises (D&D is a fictitious organization) is considereng new methods of optimisation. We are therefore specifically looking at the role MIS and how implementation can be utilised in managing our remote workforce.
  26. During the 1980s and early 1990s British manufacturing management transformed productivity but failed to increase output beyond the 1980s peak. Compare and contrast the British experience against a major competitor?
  27. Each essay must incorporate one interview of the studied company on ONE of the following topic: How does the company select a supplier and manage its relationship?
  28. Enterprise risk management (ERM) has recently emerged as a widespread practice in financial institutions. It has been increasingly codified and encrypted into regulatory, corporate governance and organizational management blueprints.
  29. Explain how an organisation take into account the external environment using PESTEL factors for general environment and Porters 5 Forces for the Competitive Environment, when making planning decisions. You must illustrate your answer with an organisation of your choice, explaining which are the most important of the factors for the organisation and why.
  30. Explore the degree to which user demand influences public sector policy in relation to primary school selection process.
  31. Glenbervie Energy Plc (GE) is an oil and gas company quoted on the London Alternative Investment Market (AIM). It has a market value of around £300 million and issued capital of 150 million 10p ordinary shares. Imagine you are the CEO of this company. Your role is to grow the company from a smallcap into one of the top global oil and gas independents. Define your strategy to achieve this.
  32. How group effectiveness and member well-being can be improved in your group- Justify your conclusions by argumentations using existing theory, research evidence and empirically grounded data based on the description of the above paragraph. The analysis need to be grounded in group theories, concepts and models from the study of Organisational Behaviour and explicitly linked to the data have gathered about our syndicate group work. (see attachments)
  33. Human resources development is an ethical endeavour, discuss.
  34. Identify the key issues that exist within the Mobile Devices/Communications Industry only what is related to the CASE STUDY – Apple (Ipod, Iphone, Ipad) and its competitors Nokia, RIM etc. Please do not discuss the PC Industry as the client has already made an analysis on the PC Industry from the case study but need a full analysis of the Mobile Devices and Communications from the Apple Case Study.
  35. Identify the relationships between the operational and marketing aspects of the problem (focus discussing one problem. The problem can be marketing or operational but must see the relationship of both operations and marketing influence it)
  36. In a company writing software for the fast evolving industries that are merging out of smartphones, computer tablets and virtually anything that is or could be electronic around the home, office and everywhere else, how would your organizations strategizing process, tools and techniques be different from that of a traditional yogurt factory?
  37. In the end women are too weak for management. this statement in term of gender issues within the organisation.
  38. Is the future of tourism a secure one? Support your case by discussion of five major factors that you believe will affect the future of the tourism industry
  39. It is a reflective essay based on how 5 members in a group from different nationalities were able to work together.
  40. Produce an individual report critically examining this proposition with respect to evaluation and design of operating and management information systems?.
  41. Produce an investigative paper that analyses and critically evaluates the area you have chosen, within its context for learning and development, at both individual and organisational levels.
  42. Research the applicability of value management to a property development (there are many case studies) and provide a concise and critical appraisal by way of a professional report
  43. Successful organisations are characterised by (strong value) and (strong guiding vision) that determine what behaviour is appropriate and whats not, and if these values are shared with employees every day and reflect on there action then there is strong culture.
  44. Taking the material presented in the lectures and seminars as a starting point (each lectures key reading is included in attachment), reflect on how and to what extent recent studies indicate that there have been changes to HRM practices and their implications for HRM theory
  45. Task 1 is to critically examine the four perspectives of operations strategy discussed in the key text with reference to an SME in an O.E.C.D. member country.
  46. The purpose of the report is to evaluate management theory evidenced in the Ford Motor company.
  47. The summative assessment is a word report involving the investigateion and critical analysis of a particular aspect of performance management, including a critical review of researcher and best practice applied to an organisational setting. The report must include a 500 word summary of the organisations financial performance.
  48. This is a report on Leadership and Change Management.
  49. To Change or Not to Change.
  50. To what extent can improvements in productive flow and product quality lead to an increase in sales and profit? Use examples to critically examine the links.
  51. To what extent do you agree with the statement that a growing product market is a necessary precondition for achieving superior productivity?-
  52. Whatever else a leader must do, a leader must gain, exercise and retain power. (Bottger and Barsoux: Wall Street Journal, November 30 2009). What does this mean and to what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? Why?
  53. Which trade theories can help us understand the distribution of car production in the world economy?
  54. Write an investigative report considering an issue or issues you have experienced in relation to major change in your organisation.
  55. Analyse the factors that influence both short term and long term HR planning.
  56. Apply relevant theory to analyse and discuss how leadership style influences employees’ motivation and satisfaction in your chosen case study company. Critically discuss the developments needed in your chosen case study company to ensure organizational success.
  57. Apply the stakeholder mapping concept to any University. What does your analysis tell you about the relative levels of interest and power of the various stakeholders?
  58. Aviation Business Management.
  59. BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
  60. Choose a problematic situation that is relevant to your work place (Oil and Gas) and use the following approach to investigate it.
  61. Choose one of the management processes discussed during the course.
  62. Competition in Monopolistically Competitive Markets.
  63. Critical evaluation of own skills, practice, and professional development needs.
  64. Critically appraise whether a multinational corporation should operate as a tightly integrated, worldwide business system, or whether it could be more effective to let each national subsidiary operate autonomously.
  65. Critically assess the consequences of physical design and capacity limitations for an airport.
  66. Critically evaluate customer aspirations (and requirements) and develop a framework that will assist the Local Housing Association with sustainable best practises and strategies which could be incorporated to meet the core business objectives of the organisation.
  67. Critically evaluate the approaches to management in Apple corporation.
  68. Critically evaluate the management of drug calculation errors by nurses in hospital.
  69. Critically evaluate the research that maintains the search for a sustainable aviation industry remains but a dream.
  70. Describe the links (legal requirements & compliance) between the health & safety laws (ie. H&S Act 1974) and the five steps to successful H&S attachment.
  71. Discuss and analyse managerial roles and skills within the construction and engineering industry.
  72. Discuss and analyse the implications of airport expansions in the UK using relevant examples.
  73. Discuss and evaluate how teams function. Make particular reference to leadership and how leadership can be used to ensure team motivation and productivity.
  74. Discuss how structural and institutional factors in Britain and America may have limited the scope for improving corporate performance.
  75. Discuss how the different stages of the product life cycle can affect a business’s cost recovery’ performance?
  76. Discuss in what ways two of the areas of Human Resource Management.
  77. Discuss the impact of surveillance on the Employment Relationship.
  78. Discuss the use of partnering agreements and essential tools in the development of not only substantial cost saving for the client but also increasing the quality of the construction project.
  79. Discuss what is meant by effective team-working within organisation Include in your analysi s an assessment of the factors that facilitate or inhibit effective team working.
  80. Discuss whether employee ownership makes staff more committed and productive.
  81. Do incentives and/or threats really help to motivate employees?
  82. Drawing on a critical examination of both theory and empirical research, how can the role of leadership be best understood in organisational change?
  83. Employee representation in contemporary employment relations.
  84. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and others. Discuss how they may meet these responsibilities.
  85. Explain how someone can be a manager but not a leader, a leader but not a manager, and both a manager and a leader?
  86. Explain, using appropriate examples, the effect of interpersonal relationships and communication skills on managerial performance.
  87. How relevant are the ideas of Taylorism to today’s workplaces.
  88. Identification and understanding of an appropriate cultural manager/organisation.
  89. Identify an organisation(s) and search for relevant material from their websites, newspapers, journals etc. The number of organisations will depend on the availability of information.
  90. Making use of published literature and using organisational examples where appropriate. In your opinion, what is/are the most important influence(s) on changes in pay setting over the past thirty years?
  91. ‘Organizations are composed of informal structures and are as such, the operation of organisations ows more to group norms and values than it does to structures and procedures as in Taylorism.’ (Collins D, 1998:17)Organizational Change, Routledge.
  92. Reasons of being socially responsible, pressure on managers from the media and pressure groups.
  93. Talking about management of change with 2 parts first part.
  94. The Effect of post-colonialism on leadership styles: An applied study on the private sector in Jordan.
  95. The Relationship between motivation & performance and the factors which affect motivation.
  96. To devise an event and prepare a detailed operational plan. You will showcase this to colleagues in the seminar slots and respond to their comments and criticisms. They will award a mark based on what they see/hear.
  97. To what extent can improvements in productive flow and product quality lead to an increase in sales and profit?
  98. ‘Unitarist accounts of employee relations suggest that the employment relationship is founded upon a structured antagonism’. This insight allows unitarist thinkers to provide practical guidance on the management of conflict at work.
  99. Using one of the following business types: health care services, a retail banking organisation, or a hotel chain, discuss the factors that influence organisational structure, including the division of work and the factors that affect hierarchies in organisations.
  100. What are the stakeholder issues that the Salvation Army might encounter? How should the organisation seek to resolve them?
  101. What do you understand to be the primary features of a bureaucracy?
  102. What does mystery dining measure?
  103. What has motivated you to study a Masters degree at Bangor?
  104. What is innovation and what is its role in different sectors of the hospitality industry?
  105. Which research Methodology (Paradigm or Philosophy) is more appropriate in understanding and researching social sciences: Positivism or Interpretivism?
  106. With references to the literature explored in this module, critically evaluate how NHS attempt to gain and sustain competitive advantage through the efficient and effective utilisation of human resources.
  107. Would it ever be possible for a multinational company (MNC) to uproot itself completely from its national origins, and develop genuinely ‘global’ human resource management policies and practices? Use examples to support your argument.
  108. Write a “critical review” of 2 refereed and related journal articles in the field of business information management.
  109. Write a report that critically evaluates the appropriateness of applying ‘Soft System Methodology’ in Project Quality Management.
  110. You are required to prepare a report (approximately 3000 words) for the company management team giving details of how you would investigate complaints, and propose a suitable management strategy for protecting the health of employees for the case study attached.
  111. You have been requested to prepare an event proposal concerning the complete execution of a tour playing three venues across the University of East London.
  112. You have the opportunity to choose one of the themes, ideas, or theoretical approaches discussed in the lectures and seminars and use it as a starting point for your own investigation of a specific, related topic.

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