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Wilderness Tourism Marketing

Leisure Management Dissertations - Behavioural research on the study on wilderness destination is a relatively new development in the ecotourism industry... ...

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Travel Tourism Destinations

Leisure Management Dissertations - The purposes of this dissertation are to demonstrate how the motivational theories in travel and tourism can be used... ...

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Hospitality And Catering

Leisure Management Dissertations - Public thinking and opinion are the contents of the crucible from which the social fabric of a community... ...

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Golf Clubs

Leisure Management Dissertations - The world learns through experience, but living in an image-conscious world may prevent one from learning through his experiences. ...

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Commonwealth Games

Leisure Management Dissertations - This paper discusses Manchester’s hosting of the 2002 Commonwealth games, and how it was used as a catalyst for urban regeneration. ...

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Indian Food

For the purposes of this research, the term 'Indian food' covers food from the Indian, Bengali and Pakistani traditions. The market includes sales through restaurants, pubs and takeaways. ready meals (both frozen and chilled) sauces & pastes, accompaniments and curry powder. The introductory part of this research contains ...

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English Football Clubs

Leisure Management Dissertations - The spirit of competition is one of the underlying principles in any sporting event... ...

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Hotel Industry Marriott

Leisure Management Dissertations - This study focuses on the concept of budgeting in hotel industry particularly on the case of Marriott Hotel and Resorts.. ...

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