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Social Technology Use In Organizations

While one uses the social networking in an organization firstly the goal should be clear as to whether they are using the networking for the internal communication between employees of that organization? Or for communication with the external parties such as the customers or the competitors. And special care should be taken if it is being used for communication outside the organization and proper security conditions should be imposed as afterall it is done on the internet, and it remains on the internet. And also the organizations may be having much confidential data with them and can be of grief if that vital information gets leaked to outside world, specially the competitors. And so the higher authorities should make sure and impose good and strict security policies so that the use of social networking become the loss rather than enhancing the performance and the profit of the organization. And also various other factors should be considered so as to maintain confidentiality within the organization and depending on the hierarchy or the role of that employee, the permissions should be assigned and proper firewall should be in practise. No security loopholes should be present and so the information confidentiality can be achieved.

Let us take an example of Dell, India. I worked for Dell, India for couple of months and was amazed to see the networking that they used for communication between employees of that organization. Firstly the social networking sites which are proved as time-wasting were restricted by using a very strong firewall. And also the mail portals were blocked. But they used a special networking software for socializing themselves with the various colleagues who worked for Dell, dell being a global organization, and no matter from which country they work, they can still communicate with each other and share ideas and knowledge with their company mates and so the efficiency can be achieved as there is no chance of data leakage in any means, as the confidential information available in their systems cannot be sent to any unauthorized individual as the social networking sites and mail portals and the removable media were all blocked from using within the organization. Infact the same authorised Dell Technician cannot access to the confidential resources from outside the Dell organization being at home or in a cafes. So the confidentiality of the organization’s crucial data is secured from unauthorized access.

Literature Review :

In recent months, the use of social networking has drastically increased and in the broader aspect has benefitted the organization and the employees in many many ways. Infact social networking in an organization is now being widely used for marketing purpose. One should define their audience, locate their potential customers, build a social relationship with them and promote their brand and website. ( The key factor behind the success of social networking in the organization is to be yourself, be human, open up a little and show the customers as to who you are. Because if not taken care about the above factors, then the organization’s profit will be at the stake. Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace have become the party lines of this young century. They are inviting and intriguing and a powerful communication tool. Learning how to use them wisely for marketing can increase your business profile. ( .

There are several pros of using social networking sites like

Paved the way for easier communication with colleagues and friends

Virtual communities can be formed composing of people of common interests

In sooner days Twitter as a social networking site has made huge advances and the number of active users are increasing at a very fast pace. And in no time, Twitter has become the second most popular social networking site after Facebook. And very soonly it will lead the way and head to number one in social networking sites. Twitter has proved to be a boon I n marketing of the organization, and also there are various other factors which are in favour of Twitter.

Twitter can be used in an organization in several ways, of which some are listed as of under.

Develop a more personal, engaged and sustained relationships with customers

Grow your customer base

Get the attention of people interested in your organization or your work

Publicise your business

Build your brand

Keep track on what people think about your business, products & industry

Cold-contact and market with people without annoying them.

Provide amazing customer service in a really easy way.

Promote your new products.

Pin point customer locations to within a 20 mile radius

Position yourself as an expert in your field by sharing news and information relevant to your business and by

One of the most important advantage of twitter is that, usually 1+1=2, but in the case of twitter 1+1= countless possibilities. As the message once sent and replied by somebody keeps on multiplying and is reflected to all the people following him/her. So it proves to be a best example in terms of sharing of knowledge as it keeps on spreading at a very good speed. And also twitter helps in making the possibility to make a difference. But it is like every coin has two sides, and so along with many advantages, twitter is packed with many disadvantages/mis-conducts as well, such as

These social networking sites if not used properly can lead to


Privacy Infringement

Scammers use Social networking trick people into downloading malicious software (Malware)



Cindy King, an international sales specialist, saw a huge boost in business inquires by implementing a strategic Twitter plan.

“Following the right people on Twitter was key. There are some people very gifted at building relationships on Twitter. As I followed these online community builders, I realized that some of them are also excellent direct response copywriters. They get their Twitter followers to take action,? said King. (Cindy King, file:///G:/Salford%20During%20d%20course/ITASIO/Twitter/How%20to%20Use%20Twitter%20to%20Grow%20Your%20Business%20_%20Copyblogger.htm)

Twitter is a communication platform that helps businesses stay connected to their customers. As a business, you can use it to quickly share information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who cares about your company. As an individual user, one can use twitter to tell a company about the experience one had with that company, as to whether it was great or disappointing experience with their business.

( ,23-03-2011)

Case Description :

Twitter as a social networking site has various uses and in several different fields. One can use it for keeping in touch with friends and colleagues or even for the marketing of the organization, and infact now-a-days twitter has even proved useful in the university for academic purposes. Lets discuss more about the potential use of twitter in a university. Lets take an example of the University of Texas at Dallas, where a professor named Monica Rankin has found an interactive and interesting way to use twitter in the classroom. She uses a weekly hashtag to organize comments, questions & feedbacks posted by students on twitter during the class. There is an very good tool named TweetDeck from where the students can send the questions rather than posting them via SMS or by writing questions on the small piece of paper. Then what can be done is project a giant image of live tweets in front of the whole classroom for discussing and giving suggestions that the students can lately refer again while studying. The result of this method is mixed but still it is clear that more students do participate in the classroom discussion as compared to the traditional way of teaching.

Also the problem with the traditional way of teaching is that if the professors doesn’t engage the students properly then they might end up talking and addressing to walls. And as we all are aware that the 21st century’s literacy is all about digital media. Also the professors can use twitter to notify students about the submission deadlines and the extra lecture extensions. Also twitter is very helpful for the teachers as well. As the professors can develop a personal learning network that will help them to become a good teacher and keep themselves updated with the latest technology and knowledge about the academic material by following the other senior tutors world-wide. Also one more effective way of using twitter in a university is that the students can tweet the questions and the doubts, and either other students or the professor can reply to those tweets. And one more additional benefit of twitter in a university is that the physical presence of the professor or the students is not that important, so can make education possible despite being present in different state or the country. The only thing necessary is the internet connection and an account. If these two conditions are satisfied, then the education can take place whenever, wherever on the go. As internet can be accessed even from the homes and the mobile devices as well. So this proves to be very useful for the progress in education system. The added advantage of twitter is that the professors can communicate with the parents of the students who use twitter for discussing the excursion details or the home-work tasks and also to intimate the parents about the progress of their child.