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Benefits And Constraints For The Application Of A Geographic Information System Gis

Digital technology has brought about a revolution in the way maps are created and used. ...

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Pastoral Landscapes

Hedgerows are an important part of the British landscape, providing both food and shelter for a number of... ...

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Migration In Afghanistan

Afghanistan is home to the largest refugee crises experienced since the inception of the UNHCR. ...

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Expenditure Distribution In Indonesia

Distribution of income across individuals and households has always been a main concern of many governments who have experienced positive economic developments like Indonesia. ...

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Demographic Sector Europe

This dissertation will present a historical overview of European population trends before examining ...

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Decentralization And Democratization

Decentralization and democratization in Indonesia. Many young in democratic countries are disengaging politics. No registration required. ...

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Water Conflicts And Dispute Resolution

The process was created in 1909 and although it uses a bottom up approach to reach consensus, the real decision making is done by the two governments ...

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Myanmar (Burma - renamed Myanmar in 1989) has never seen sustained conflict-free periods since its independence in 1948. ...

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When the Berlin wall fell, symbolizing the end of the Cold War, the global balance of power shifted from a tense military stand-off between the world's two superpowers-the Soviet Union and United States- to one of American dominance. ...

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Change Detection In Land Use And Land Cover Using Remote Sensing Data And Gis

Studies have shown that there remains only few landscapes on the Earth that are still in there natural state. ...

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Migrants Into The City Of London

The capital of both England and the United Kingdom, throughout the previous two millennia London has proven to be an internationally significant politic... ...

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