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Landfill Waste Polluting

Landfilling is one of the oldest and common methods used for waste disposal ...

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Transport Jamaica Airports

The transport sector in Jamaica may be considered to include road, rail, air and maritime ...

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The Research Methodology

The following chapter will introduce the dissertation topic by means of its intended goals, outline of content within each chapter and the research methodology. ...

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Implement Of Alternative Source Of Energy

Hotels constitute a key element of the organized chain of activity in the travel and tourism industry, and occupy a crucial place in concerns over environmental protection related to tourism and travel. ...

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Malaysia Maritime Environmental Issues

Seas and oceans traditionally used by us to have all the source of rich, opportunity and abundance. ...

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Public Policy Responses And A Framework

Around the world, private sector actors operate in conflicted areas. ...

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Carpet Woven Needle

There are at least four methods of making carpets. They include woven carpets, tufted carpets, needle punching, and knitted carpets. Both natural and man-made fibres are used in manufacturing ...

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Cleveland Bay Horse

In the previous chapters we have been introduced to the importance of understanding the nature of livestock biodiversity in order to identify and develop strategies to counter its erosion. ...

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Unique Plant Types

There are a number of unique plant types in the world which are on the brink of extinction, or are so extremely limited in range ...

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Honey Market Nbr

The project that we have worked on is 'Honey markets in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve (NBR)'. In this study we have traced the flow of honey from the honey hunters of NBR to the end consumers. ...

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental impact assessment, EIA have evolved rapidly in the past years, spurred by increasing number of regulations and legislations ...

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