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English And Lithuanian Punctuation

The world of knowledge always tempted the scientists of any spheres. ...

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The Criteria Guide To A Dissertation

While the course work is an important part of any doctoral program, it is the dissertation that is uniquely you. The topic chosen should be one that interests you, and that represents an area of study that you can use to identify you as one with special expertise in a particular area. Therefore, it is very important to proceed with forethought into the dissertation process. Choose the topic with care. Also be sure to choose your advisors carefully, as they will be your guides and mentors....

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Online Shopping

This project is developed for the automation process of shopping throw online i.e through web. ...

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Telecom Sector In India

The purpose of this paper is to construct a vision of Indian telecom sector for the year 2020, i.e., about two decades from now. ...

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Tesl Dissertation

The purpose of this study is to investigate the trainers in implementing their instructional practice in order to help the trainees to become effective second language teacher. As an ESL teacher and a second language learner, the researcher believes that interaction is the key to second language learning. Second language learners need comprehensible input ...

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Wireless Sensor Network

In this chapter, wireless sensor network (WSN) principles are being shortly introduced and discussed. ...

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Problems Pupils Have In Reading Aloud

This assignment is my guide to the final step of my dissertation. In this assignment, I will discuss in details about what I will do for my dissertation. First, I will discuss my topic and why I have chosen, it and I will indicate my research questions and sub-questions. Next, I will identify key areas I need to read about and I will summarize 11 books and articles that give useful theoretical background for my research. The topics I am interested include define reading, then the process, models, methods of teaching reading, strategies readers use and the miscue analysis in...

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Study Of Crowd Simulation In The Movies

This dissertation is about the study of crowd simulation and why the crowd simulation is in need in the movies. Particularly concentrating about the computer generated movies simulating a large crowd is the most difficult task in the production pipeline. So finding a better way to give the audience the feel of crowd is the challenge. Researching about the silhouettes and its uses will help to implement the silhouette to establish the crowd. Silhouettes helps in many ways to create a mystic mood. . As implementing silhouette in the crowd simulation will helps to reduce the secondary animation...

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Progressive Form

Does English progressive form denotes subjectivity in written and oral production of the language for Mara College Banting students as English L2 learners; and how does it differs in terms of gender, educational background, and English proficiency level? ...

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Who Are Translators

The present dissertation is largely based on research in the field of translation. ...

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