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In this chapter researcher tried to discuss all the related studies which are done in past and are available in literature. ...

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Labour Turnover

Hotels, catering and leisure industry in the UK remains the sector with the highest level of staff turnover, with all leavers in this category hitting 41%, according to a survey carried out by the CIPD (2008). ...

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Motivation And Rewarding System

The objective of this project is to investigate whether employees at WILO company are well motivated and if there is a need for improvement of the level of employee satisfaction in WILO subsidiaries in Poland and Hungary. ...

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Definition Of Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is a formal system that evaluates the quality of a employee's performance. ...

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Empowerment Is Essential To Increase Productivity Among Employee

The out come of employee empowerment in service industry can bring long-term success. ...

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Employment And Support Allowance

Government policies and assistance for people who misuse alcohol raise controversial issues for legislators, policymakers and practitioners alike. ...

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Theories Of Pay And Unemployment

This study examined how changing the perception of social distance changed the way in which subjects interacted in the Trust Game specifically looking into the social preferences they displayed. ...

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Employee Engagement

Communication Satisfaction plays a very critical role in achieving employee engagement in organizations. ...

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Nanotechnology Patents

The future world will to a large extent consist of a knowledge based society. Intellectual property (IP) will play an important role in generating wealth and employment in that society. ...

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The Price Of Motherhood

This paper seeks to determine the causes of the well-documented wage penalty experienced by mothers compared to women without children. ...

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Job Stress

In all walks of life, people suffer from some degree of stress due to factors known and unknown. ...

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Employer Branding On Employee Performance

Employer branding is the development and communication of an organization's culture as an employer in the marketplace. ...

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