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The Value Of Green Supply Chains Commerce Essay

Organizations worldwide are continuously trying to develop new and innovative ways to enhance their competitiveness. Bacallan (2000) suggests that some of these organizations are enhancing their competitiveness through improvements in their environmental performance to comply with mounting environmental regulations, to address the environmental concerns of their customers, and to mitigate the environmental impact of their production and service activities. Green supply chain management as a form of environmental improvement is an operational initiative that many organizations are adopting to address such environmental issues....

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Importance Of Crm For Hdfc Bank

The aim of this dissertation was to examine the importance of CRM for HDFC Bank. To achieve this aim, following objectives were set: To analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of CRM services provided by the HDFC Bank, to examine the effects of CRM on business performance and operational effectiveness and to evaluate the improvements in customer service due to it, to assess the awareness of the bank employees to the concept of CRM and its benefits for the organization, to determine the extent of customer satisfaction level by conducting interviews, distributing questionnaire and carrying out a survey in HDFC Bank,...

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Dealing With The Issues Of The Environment

The dissertation topic deals with the environment of Century Inks which is an SME based in a developing country like India. SME’s i.e. Small-medium sized enterprises have been defined in various ways taking into consideration carious constraints like employment, turnover, investment in land and machinery. For example in UK, under sections 382 and 465 of Companies Act 2006, SME’s have been classified under two categories, namely Small and Medium Size according to their turnover and employment. A small enterprise is one which employs less than 50 people and has a turnover of not more than £6.5 million along with a...

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Supplier Relationships Importance And Supply Chain Management

In today’s increasing economic environment, organisations are looking for new techniques to improve their competitive advantage. The focus of my research is in the area of purchasing which have now become a strategic function and a key reason in positioning competitively among all other competitors. The paper discusses that in recent years, the relationships between buyers and suppliers have been continuously receiving a considerable attention for effective operations within organisations. Traditionally, supplier-buyer relationships were regarded as adversarial, arm’s length transactions. However, the approach towards managing this relationship is changing and moving towards a more collaborative approach due to the fact...

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