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The Roy Hankinson Company is one of the well known companies which were established in 1975. They are consisting of five units which are:

  • Blasting and protective coating
  • Commercial painting
  • Specialist decoration and restoration
  • Property Services and
  • High performance coating

This company became one of the prominent Painting and Decorating contractor of the UK. They managed to enter into a prestigious Dulux Trade Contract partnership in 1999.

Internal factors


This is one of the most important factors of this company. The top level management of The Roy Hankinson believes that their employees should get enough training to improve their skills. They strongly believe in team work. This believes would take them towards the long way. The employee member of Roy Hankinson relies on certain guidelines. They are discussed below:

The employee members practice their own interest behind their advancement. This quality defines their successful career which indicates that the company itself is successful. The positive part of this feature is that, the employees could implement these skills in their personal life with their family members and friends to spread the advanced knowledge in the entire society.

In case of work the standard quality is maintained in the company. This truly makes them different from other companies.

The company makes sure that, every employee members could occupy their chance to express themselves.

Without competing with the rivals, it would become impossible for The Roy Hankinson to survive. This is why to open their options of utilizing their full effort, they exercise to be competitive.

Being faithful to the company and all the team member is a fundamental theme. This company takes care of this portion very precisely. If this matter is not being concerned, then the confidential information of the company would be passed in no time. It would be easier for the rivals to pay one of the Hankinson’s to provide them their confidential information. This way they will out of the market with no trouble. It is the Roy Hankinson’s sincerity for which they learn to be fair with each other.

Working in team opens every hopeless door. It is becoming a challenge everyday for each companies and an award for the once who managed to work in a team. Team work empowers to complete a task on time or even before the deadline which facilitates the team members to move on to the next task. For most of the companies team work generates conflict. This leads a work towards delay completion. All this link to bad performance, competition among the team members which bankrupts the company. The Roy Hankinson is one of the companies who managed to avoid the entire above complex and follow the direction of revenue.

It is also significant to behave like a professional person and take a good care of the appearance in order to be a complete business people. The Roy Hankinson accepts well dress up and certain manners. This plays an important role for their image. If their employees are not professional with each other and always gossips, laughs and whispers about their personal life, then to their client their goodwill will have no value.

The work atmosphere will be a total disaster and destructive to those people who are there for work. Some of the companies even have some definite hair style and dress up. For example, most of the banks from all over the world are very concerned about these factors. There are also some companies with poor appearance and unsatisfactory behavior. Usually they do not survive still the end. Finally, The Roy Hankinson has no such records but following professionalism with well appearance.

Promising policies

The Roy Hankinson pursues some to run their company. Without the legal registration, in the long run it dissolves a company. This would drive away the existing customer and the potential customer will be long gone. This is why The Roy Hankinson seems to be straight about its policy. Their encouraging policies are discussed below:

The key point of a successful business is to be committed to its customer. That is exactly what The Roy Hankinson goes along with. They work hard to always provide the best possible service to their customer. Customer comes at their list of first priority. They attempt to be devoted to their customer by improving their Management Quality System from time to time. They believe that one disappointed customer could bring an unfortunate for their business.

They make sure that their products are environmental friendly. All sort of pollutions, injuries are ignored by their company policy.

Employee members are the considered the biggest asset for their company. This is why they continuously invests on enhances their employees’ skills. This principal is an enormous support for the employees’ moral and the society will also be benefited by these. Some of the successful companies expect their employees to be effective right from the beginning for their company. This is because they do not want to invest any amount of money on training them. The Hankinson’s makes sure that their employees are prepared to overcome the load at work with no question.

Suppliers play a vital role in case of any business. In the company policy, it is also mentioned that the suppliers should be treated as they deserve. If the supply is delayed, then the customer will go home without the products/services. Some of the manufacturing companies forget to treat their suppliers effectively, which results very slow loss in their business. These have been taken care by their employees very carefully.

Supports the ethical views of the belonging society.


It is another area where the company pays attention. People with different cultures, religions and aged work at The Roy Hankinson. It is justified that, they should be known or awarded for their work not for where they came from. On the other hand, they should neither be ignored as racism. This company strictly believes in valuing each people for their work.

Health Safety and Training Coordinator

The Roy Hankinson employs a team on health and safety. Their job is to cure any injuries from the employees. Their action is also observed by the director, to make sure that their employees are treated fairly even when they are physically not well. They have been also awarded few times for their Health and Safety department. Originating a better work environment with spiritually and physically well people motivates them to perform at their best.

External factors

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

This is one of the biggest sources where they get their innovative ideas. This program is supported by the UK government. Usually these sorts of programs are very expensive to bear, so it is the company’s benefit that they are receiving the free of cost innovative ideas. This academic team generates a two year plan by the instruction of the company. This is because without the company’s instruction, the objective will differ. Since this team members are the student of Liverpool John Moores University, their promotions will also be in cost of free process.


The company maintains well mannered relationship with their. This is because, without their supplier’s corporation they could be bankrupt.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

is an enormous duty from all the successful businesses to the society. When the society suffers from flood or any kind of natural disaster, The Roy Hankinson assists them from their profit. In fact they have their own five formulated strategies which they implement as the CSR such as, treating, managing, observing, protecting and being a responsible neighbor to the environment. Being a complete responsible company, they revise the society’s necessity. Besides all these above factors would be noticeable for their image, goodwill and publicity, which are sometimes unattainable even with money.

Environmental policy statement

This statement mentions the sincerity of the company towards the society. They ensure that their company is harmless to the environment. By the use of Environmental Management System, they achieve their set objectives about the environment.


They are honest, punctual and caring about their customers. They believe that, this is the best way to capture customer. This is why they have massive amount of loyal customer in the established market.


The rates of the competitors are apparently very high, as they are already a reputed and award winning business. Being followed by the rivals is one of the positive prospects for the business, because it will motive the business to be more active and advanced.


From all the above discussion, it is evident that The Roy Hankinson is not only sincere about their internal aspects of the achievements but also the external aspects. They are genuinely connected with linkage of a successful environment. Some of the successful companies are not concerned about the society and people they are dealing with. They Roy Hankinson Company is not one of them, they maintain their image with the certainty and care on the employees, environment without pollution.

Task 2


There are several mannered of performing a business, two of them are, Business to Business and Business to Consumer Relationship Marketing. The businesses follow The Levels Of Relationship Marketing in order to sell products according to their market share, targeted profit and grant responsibilities.

The significant foundations of Business to Business relationship marketing:


The relationship based between companies and suppliers in the Business to Business relationship marketing usually occurs between companies and suppliers.

Money transaction

The rate of transaction is always in massive amounts.

Buyers and sellers

In these types of businesses, only buyers and sellers are not very highs. For example, the relationship between The NCC Education and Daffodil Institute Of Information and Technology is Business to Business relationship marketing and these types of buyers and sellers are not very high in the market.

Buying and selling habits

The buying and selling habits are scheduled and formal. As both of the buyers and sellers own big companies, it is transparent that, their quantities of responsibilities are also elevated. To avoid the time wastage, they schedule their meetings.


The action of interchange occurs on agreements. Since they are so formal in case of their buying and selling habits, they prioritize all their documents on meetings, transactions, transportation and etc.


The businesses do not have to plan about the distribution channel with different strategies an enormous amount of money. This section can be taken care of with being slightly concerned.

Level Of Theory







Many customers



Basic or Reactive


Medium customers





Few customers





FIG: Level of Relationship Marketing/Level of Theory

A business man should pay attention on certain marketing areas with the correct combination of customer natures before financing. The above graph illustrates the exact formula. The five levels of marketing investments are described below with the chart:

Accountable Marketing

This type marketing pays special attention to their customers. After selling products/providing services, they contact their customer to know if any adjustments are needed. They continuously carry out their duty by providing the after sales service enthusiastically. According their marketing strategy, the customer should have their rights to complain and recommend any innovative ideas.

Reactive Marketing

It is almost the same as the Accountable Marketing. The difference is that, in this marketing system they do not spend too much money for after sales service. They try their best to increase their market share by catching numerous amounts of customers.

Basic Marketing

They are only concerned about selling their products/services. After the customer walking with the products/services, the company is not curious about it.

Proactive Marketing

This type of marketing holds high or medium level of margins with medium or few customers. They are interested on improving their products/services from the customer’s recommendation.

Partnership Marketing

They are consists of high revenue with few customers in the market. Since they own high revenue, they place their effort on gaining many customers.

For The Roy Hankinson Company, it would be a wise recommendation to choose Accountable marketing in order to sell their products. This is because, they are already a well known company who managed to grasp many customers for their products/services. They apparently have many competitors following them, that is why should ask for their customer’s suggestions and try to satisfy their demands in the long run.

Differentiations of Business to Business and Business to Customer Relationship

These two types of businesses are very separate from each other. Even if both the businesses carry high risks, but eventually they are very different from each other. For Business to Business marketing, there are different tools and techniques required than the Business to Consumer relationship marketing.

The one recognizable difference between these two marketing relationship is that, for the Business to Consumer relationship there are countless manufacturers but for the Business to Business marketing relationships the manufacturers could be countable. The differences between them are shown below:

Business to Business relationship marketing

Business to Consumer relationship marketing

1) The rate of investment is high but the number of competitor, consumer and risk is comparatively lower than the Business to Consumer marketing.

1) The level of risk is very high because, there are varieties of items under one product, various numbers of consumer and competitors although the investment is not as much as the Business to Business marketing.

2) Huge amount of money is not expended on advertisements to attract the buyers.

2) Promotion is one of the vital factors of these types of businesses. Large amounts of money are expended for this sector. If the advertisements do not take place accurately, the products might get rotten in the warehouse. In other words, the company could face loss.

3) Market segmentation is not an effective case for these types of businesses.

3) Market segmentation plays an important and effective role for these types of businesses.

4) The conflicts between the buyers and suppliers might cause unexpected consequences.

4) The misunderstandings between a company and their customers might not last for long, if the company is sincere enough.

5) Suppliers authorize high chance on the buyers of cheating.

5) Low chances are available for the businesses to cheat on their customers, as they are so many in numbers.


It is vitally important to recognize the difference between Business to Business and the Business to Consumer relationship marketing. This is because from the above approvals, it is noticeable that if the Business to Business company spends too much money for their promotions instead of gently looking for buyers it would be a total loss for their business.

Task 3


In a business environment, chances occur in no time. To cope up with the customer’s change of taste, the businesses frequently changes their tools and techniques to stay in the competition. Similarly The Roy Hankinson Company faces the exact same problems. For the near/further future, The Roy Hankinson Company certainly has to bring out innovation into their products/services.

The four p’s

The four p’s/marketing mix stands for:


The Roy Hankinson Company has higher possibilities of facing competition in case of the product quality. This is why they have to be strong in their core competence for the future. Under the product/services, there are segments which have to be kept into consideration. Such as,


This is the key point which has to be maintained in the long/short run for The Roy Hankinson Company. This is because, they would not want to offend their customers. From the 5 to 10 years of the future, maintaining the standard quality will be even more advanced and sincere. This is because, by that time the society will be surrounded with latest technologies which will enable them to ensure more about the quality in a much easier process. People will also have more money in their hand so, they will of course choose the best for the products/services which worth the payment.


This is another option which The Roy Hankinson Company should be very cautious about, as they are a service based company. They should employ vastly experienced people for their customer service department. Even if The Roy Hankinson Company is straight with their customer, they should have an extra department for the continuous customer suggestions. This would ensure their customers, that the company is devoted about their customers. With their customer’s best suggestion they would uninterruptedly reach on the top of the success.


This is another mannered of making promises to the customer. If anything goes wrong during the period of warranties, they should change or preferable replace the defect. Predicting the forthcoming future, it would be worthwhile for The Roy Hankinson Company to perform something extra every time their customer calls them for a defect. For example, they could provide any of their services free of cost according to the choice of the customer. These activities will be protective for their companies’ image and the customers will also be satisfied.


The Roy Hankinson Company should offer variety of features for their customers. In the future, from their profit they could arrange some more varieties apart of their services. Such as, painting and decorating related products, so that their customers will not have to look for these similar products out The Roy Hankinson Company. The advertisements for the new features will be easier and inexpensive for them because, they are already a well known company.


The Roy Hankinson Company should keep an option of variety of designs for their painting and decorating services. Customers should be able to choose the best after going through numerous amounts of collections. These options sometime confuse a customer. This is why, they should employ some specialist to help select the customers.


The price will always be set depending on the products/services. If there would be any betrayal in the case of price, then it would be loss of customers for the company. There are some important concepts for the price ant they are:


This is a prominent way of attracting/impressing the customers. During the occasions of Christmas, New Year, Holy Eid The Roy Hankinson company could offer some discount to stay in the customer’s first choice. Forecasting the future ahead, the company could store their entire customer’s data of their Birthday, Anniversary, and Valentines’ day to send them special surprises.

Payment options

There should be various payment options available for the customers. Not only offline payment methods would be sufficient but also the online payment methods would have to be available. In 5 to 10 years time people would already forget about the offline payment processes, a part of some traditional people.


Without the promotions being effective, the products/services will be at the warehouse forever. This is the most expensive sector in the whole marketing mix. Selecting the correct advertising method is very important. This is because, promoting a product/service which is already in an established position would only waste the company’s money. There are plenty of points which have to be taken under consideration before selecting the correct promotional method. Promotion is the other word for the company to communicate with their customers.

The Roy Hankinson Company has the ability to invest an enormous amount of capital for their promotions. Since technologies would even more demand in the future, it would be wise for them to promote most of their products/services through the use of internet. This is because, the more time is running the more people are getting themselves busy towards work suing the technologies. People would be able to watch the advertisement while they are checking their mails, playing games on their mobile, electronic billboards and etc.

Place (Distribution)

Locating the products/services at the right place at the right time is the important fact of distribution. This section is also responsible for the warehousing, conveyance and the record control.

Since The Roy Hankinson Company consists of five units of services, they have to unaffectedly be at the targeted place on time. Or less, the customer will lose their hope and faith on this company. To be at the safe side, the company could organize software through which the traffic jams, speed needed and distance of the targeted location could be calculated. If the traffic jam is heavy, the company could call up for that particular service to the nearest department of their own. This way their customers would rely on them.

Marketing strategies over the next 10 years

The marketing strategies will definitely reach development over the next 10 years. The change of strategies from 5 to 10 years of The Roy Hankinson Company would be beneficial in such a way:

The demand for the internet marketing will increase. People will have less time in hand to go through a piece of paper to figure out an advertisement. They would be able to know about the advertisement while they are working in the office, walking on the road, waiting for the bus or in the bus.

These ways would save their time and inform them about a certain change or about new products/services. Still there could be some conservative people who will not get the use of internet, for those groups few offline advertisements will be advantageous. Through the help of advanced technologies, they would be able to improve their internal management system.

The partners such as, consultants, advisors will definitely demand for much more flexibility than nowadays. These days a company provides such partners with cars, huge amount of payments and sometimes even more. By working with more partners, they could spread their business even more. The company might have to provide them with company’s apartments, for their vacations, medications and etc.

Customer service relationship will be much more active than these days. The Roy Hankinson Company already is fair enough with their customer by providing them with their best services. For example, to save the company’s time and money they could organize some machine through which the customers could fulfill all their queries by typing it. When it will be the case of physical attendance, employees from the company will attend the required place to help the customers.


It is always beneficial for a business to forecast any changes for their businesses. It helps them to stay ahead from the competitors and satisfy the customer’s change of taste. The Roy Hankinson Company is already enough concerned about their customer’s, it would not be an extra effort for them to predict the future benefits for their company and customers. On the other hand, it is always better to stay ahead from the competitors.