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Pour Faire Face A La Concurrence

Pour faire face à la concurrence internationale, s'adapter à la mutation économique et jouir de l'évolution technologique surtout dans le domaine des télécommunications. ...

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Cellular Companies In Pakistan

It is a common observation that all work and no play have negative impacts on the lives of the employees of any organization. ...

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The Imis

This paper will labour to explicate the intricacies of enterprise resource planning (ERP), a concept that has long fascinated many in both academic and professional work environments, including the United Nations (UN). ...

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How Different Securities Contribute In Implementing Bad Debts Minimize

Allied Bank Ltd. has a history of about half the century in Pakistan with a mega network of branches that are numbered more than 1000, 200 out of which are automated branches, over 225 ALB. ATMs in 41 cities nation wide and network of over 12 banks on the meant ATM switch. ...

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Declaration Of Originality

The capital market efficiency is one of the most explored areas of interest in finance. ...

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Focus On Soft Skills

This paper will discuss training and development of employees and focus on soft skills. ...

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Motivation In Multiple Business Entrepreneurship

Multiple business entrepreneurship is defined by Westar (2007, pg 867) as an important gauge of entrepreneurial success. ...

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Products And Service

Marketing as a business function will change with the movement of products and service from the producer to the user. ...

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How This Changing Book Buying Behaviour

The revolution in information technology (IT) and communications has changed the way people do the shopping today. ...

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Case Study Tesco

This chapter presents the background of the research on How can international human resources managers effectively manage diversity in multinational company?- ...

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Relationship Management

Does Customer Relationship Management (CRM) build stronger bonds with the customers and help provide quality services in a doctor's surgery at Camden ...

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Service Quality Of Bank Alfalah Limited

The face of banking has been changed immensely in the past two decades and there is massive competition in the banking sector which has forced the banks to provide excellent service quality for the future success and survival. ...

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