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Where was Digicel first located?

Where was Digicel first located?

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As a response to what was deemed an uncompetitive phone market in Jamaica, Digicel was first established in the country in 2001. Prior to this, the British company, Cable & Wireless was the monopoly incumbent in the wireless service industry in the Caribbean. This resulted in little competition and incentive to change, and moreover, the wireless service was considered deer and poor in quality by customers (Cauley 2006).

However, in 2001, in an attempt to correct this market failure and open the phone market for competition, Digicel was founded in Jamaica by Denis O’Brien. Cauley (2006) reports that within 100 days of starting service in Jamaica, Digicel had 100,000 subscribers. Eleven months later, it passed Cable & Wireless to become the island's No. 1 cell phone provider. As of now, the Digicel Group operates in 33 markets across the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific (Oceania) regions.


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