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What is global advertising?

What is global advertising?

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Global advertising is a concept that has stemmed from the increased internationalisation activity by many firms across the world. However, it is not simply advertising across national borders, but standardising advertising strategies to be applicable within many different countries and cultures (Nelson & Paek, 2007). This can have many pragmatic benefits, yet standardisation of advertising is also very challenging to effectively implement, with Pae, et al., (2002, p. 177) stating that “the costs and benefits associated with advertising standardization are more frequently stressed than maximizing the firm’s revenue potential”.

With global advertising adopting a standardised approach to international advertising, it can be challenging to engage with a variety of different demographics. This presents the major disadvantage of global advertising, even though it often offers a cheaper alternative to traditional, bespoke and localised advertising (De Mooij, 2003). Global advertising will see companies utilise the same, or very similar, advertising strategies across many different countries – and thus their intended message can be distorted or misinterpreted. In addition to this, global advertising is generally examined through two key constructs: theme and execution. A universal execution style often demands non-verbal presentation to overcome any potential language barriers, and can limit the advertisements ability to impact consumer purchasing behaviour. Alternatively, theme relates to the overall message of advertisement campaign, and can provide a more adaptive approach to global advertising (Pae, et al., 2002).


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