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What is conformity?

What is conformity?

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Answer Internal Staff

Conformity can be described as a social influence where individuals conform to social behavioural norms even if they have not consciously been asked to do so. There are three key forms of conformity, these are as follows:

Compliance – This is where the individual will conform to the will of the group even if they do not agree with the overarching beliefs of the group. This is likely to occur when the individual fears rejection if they do not follow the will of the group.

Identification – This occurs when the individual conforms to society's rules and expected behaviours that are associated with the role in the society they are currently operating as.

Internalisation – This form of conformity is present when the individual agrees with the beliefs of those attempted to influence them.

While the majority of researcher focuses on the majority influencing the minority, there are cases where the minority have been seen to convince the majority. This is known as conversion, where the minority have to persuade the majority that the minority’s view point is correct.