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What good things can be attributed to Donald Trump?

What good things can be attributed to Donald Trump?

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Donald Trump is often portrayed as the villainous counter-part to the leader of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton. It is undisputable that Donald Trump has often said and acted in a way that makes this comparison justifiable. This answer will not focus however, on the attributes of either candidate, nor a comparison between their flaws/merits but will instead focus on things done by Donald Trump that can be considered good.

Prior to his running for President, Donald Trump had performed a large number of acts that benefit others.

In 1988, a young boy with a rare and undiagnosed breathing illness, whom normal airlines would not permit aboard, was provided access to urgent hospital treatment at the personal expense of Donald Trump.

In 1986, New York was struggling with keeping an ice-rink project afloat. The project was heavily over budget and seemed as though it was not going to be finished before the anticipated date of Christmas. Donald Trump decided to complete the entire project for free (to be reimbursed at a later date) in order to ensure it was ready on time, and succeeded.

He is also considered by many to have intentionally/unintentionally reformed the election process, for at least the Republican candidacy. His personal wealth is perceived by many to have considerably reduced the amount of influence lobbying bodies have over the position of Republican candidate.

As Donald Trump is considered independently wealthy, many believe said lobbying bodies will be unable to pay for what some perceive as political and legislative influence, if Donald Trump is able to get into power. Lack of private entities being able to influence important decisions is clearly a benefit of Donald Trumps’ potential presidency.