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Tools for developing a shop inventory database

I want to make a shop inventory database, what are the best tools for development?

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Answer Internal Staff

A store inventory database is a fairly simple form of database that will track the levels of stocked inventory across a variety of stock keeping units, recognise incoming and outgoing stock and update accordingly. Additional features could record the time of sales in order to provide useful information for store management. Depending on the requirements of the shop, there may need to be a system for recording orders that are due to specific customers, and monitor whether these have been shipped out or not.

A variety of tools and solutions are available to achieve the creation of such a system, these must be assessed based on their usefulness and cost.

The most simple and accessible tool for creating such a database would be Microsoft Access. This is a program that is commonly included in the Microsoft Office suite of software that is used by almost all businesses. Microsoft access allows users to create their own database, the level of skill of the creator can determine the complexity and functionality of the database, but the limits of the program exceed the probable requirements of a small shop.

Other more complex programs could be utilised to build the database, such as MySQL, Firebird or MongoDB. But, these would present little advantage over Access unless the shop had complex requirements and a skilled individual to utilise the software.

Another option would be for the shop to make use of the services of a specialist database creating company, such as Oracle. These could provide varying levels of complexity and customisation in implementing the database. This would provide the best solution, but also present the highest cost. For larger companies this can offer the benefit of professionally developed integration into other systems, but in a small shop where there may not be such systems, there is no benefit from this.