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The problem of achieving ‘fit’ with HR systems.

I am struggling on how to start my essay "HR systems and the problems of achieving 'Fit'. Would appreciate pointers.

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Answer Internal Staff

HR systems constitute the set of processes and procedures that govern the application of ‘human resource management’ within a business. Relevant functions incorporate a diverse range of activities such as payroll, rewards management, appraisal, training and employee wellbeing, among many others. Ever more frequently HR systems are becoming digitalised, and making use of custom made software packages. This presents the difficulty that once a system is constructed and implemented the company is somewhat obligated and constrained to make use of that system.

This raises the concern of ensuring that the system fits with the needs of the company, and is effective in allowing it to achieve its HR objectives. The system may fail to fit in a number of ways, for example this could relate to the way the system is compatible with existing HR procedures. Another example is the way in which the system may ‘fit’ with the culture of the company, and in particular with the preferred working practices of the employees. For example, in some companies, workers are reluctant to adopt the automation and digitalisation that is associated with modern HR systems due to preference for informal, conversational approaches.

The failure of an HR system to fit with the company can result in its failure to successfully deliver the benefits that were intended, and that are essential to the effective running of the company. Thus it is essential that the concept of ‘fit’ is taken as a serious consideration during the design, implementation and running of such a system.