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The most Fundamental Principle in a Democracy

What is the most Fundamental Principle in a Democracy?

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The most fundamental or important ideal in democracy is tricky to identify, as a democracy requires a number of important principles to function. These include the right to a free media, the right to vote freely in public elections and the right to a fair trial. However, arguably the most important right is the right to freedom of speech and expression. No democracy can function without all of its citizens having the right to freely express themselves and their opinions. Without freedom of speech people would be unable to vote, as they would be unable to express their opinions. Without freedom of speech the media would not be able to publish news that the government might want to keep from the people. Finally, without free speech people could not defend themselves at trial or during the judicial process. With this in mind, it is evident that for democracy to function a number of pillars are necessary, none of which could function without free speech.