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The importance of referencing

Why is important to use references in an essay?

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Answer Internal Staff

It is very important to use references in an essay. If references are not used, you may be accused of plagiarism by your university. References should be used to show the source of the information from which you obtained details of a theory or data. It is very important to use citations in an essay of the sources you use as this shows that you have conducted research, which is an important requirement for academic work. Remember that if you make a factual statement about something that would not be considered as common knowledge that you always need to provide a reference for your information. Remember as well that different universities use different referencing styles; some use Harvard referencing, some use APA referencing, some use Oxford Referencing, some use OSCOLA referencing, some use AGLC referencing, some use footnotes and bibliography, some use MLA referencing and some use Chicago referencing. There are also some other less commonly used referencing styles. You should check with your university to see which style you are required to use in your essay/report/dissertation.