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Impact of technological innovation in movies on children's development

Do you agree or disagree that technological innovation in movies have negative impacts in children’s development?

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Media technologies (TV, video, games, Internet, music, mobile phones) have brought about a substantial change in the experience of childhood in our society. Child development constitutes physical growth, social growth, and cognitive growth. There is now good evidence about the impact on children from media technologies, and that this constitutes a health issue (Pitman 2008).

One such negative impact of technology innovation in movies stems from stereoscopic technology such as 3D movies. Although there is no published research showing evidence of adverse effects from watching 3D movies, some concerns have been raised. The reasoning behind this being that the human visual system changes significantly during infancy, particularly the brain circuits that are intimately involved in perceiving the enhanced depth associated with 3D viewing technology. Whilst there is no “smoking gun” to suggest harm is being done to children’s visual from 3D technologies, it is wise to carefully look for unfavourable effects.

Furthermore, technological innovations mean that now, movies can be watched on smartphones or tablets (for example, the iPad). Some studies have found that a child’s access to screens and technology impedes their ability to learn self-regulation. Researchers at Boston University found that the use of interactive screen time below three years of age could also impair a toddler’s development of the skills needed for maths and science, although they also said some studies suggested benefits to toddlers’ use of mobile devices including in early literacy skills, or better academic engagement in students with autism (The Guardian 2015).

Admittedly, there are concerns amongst parents with the introduction of new technologies. However, it is important to note that, the influence of new technology in movies also depends on many factors; for example, related factors such as intelligence and social maturity.


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