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Sustainability Within The Construction Industry

What is sustainability and why is it relevant to the construction industry?

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Answer Internal Staff

Sustainability is described as the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This is a key concept in the construction industry, as issues such as climate change and over-population are becoming more prevalent throughout the world. The three areas that must be balanced through the practice of sustainability are the Economy, Society and the Environment, with each area being constrained by the latter.

These concepts are particularly relevant to the construction industry. The environment is impacted by the use of large quantities of natural resources, while the industry also contributes to the construction of facilities required to harness natural and renewable sources of energy. The industry contributes to society by providing a number of working class jobs to the populous, but is also often accused of disturbing local communities. Finally, construction projects can both cost large amounts of money, and can also result in vast sources of income which benefit the client and indirectly contribute to the economy of the country. As such, it is important that the industry is aware of these impacts and ensures that they minimise the damage caused and maximise the benefits.