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What is the difference between levels of processing and the multi store model of memory?

Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) proposed a multi store model of memory whereby the memory process consists of three distinct components: the sensory store, short-term store and long-term store. Firstly, information enters into the se...


Theories of Healthcare Inequities, and Applications to the UK

Interest in creating equity has grown within the UK health care system, particularly since the recent exit from the European Union. Many population groups experience social exclusion and have their health and social needs compromi...


Evaluate sociological and biological constructs of health

Health, traditionally, has been represented and socially ‘constructed’ as the absence of illness (Almedom & Glandon, 2007; Burr, 2015). However, this view has been challenged for being too simplistic; as the World Health Organ...


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