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Human Related Causes of Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity, or biological diversity, relates to the number and variation of species of organisms on the planet earth. Biodiversity is relevant both in the natural environment and in man-made ecosystems, such as farm land and eve...


Why is teixobactin so promising as an antibiotic?

Teixobactin is the first of a new class of antibiotics discovered by Ling et al. in early 2015. It is a small peptide (11 amino acid residues) isolated from the previously unculturable soil bacterium _Eleftheria terrae_. Teixobact...


What are the differences between muskrats and voles?

‘Vole’ is a name applied to around 150 species of small rodents which make up a large part of the subfamily Arvicolinae (which also includes several distinct tribes of lemmings, mole voles, and the Florida water rat). They are...


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