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Can cloning make better plants?

A clone refers to an offspring which is genetically identical to its sole parent and is asexually produced, and the basis of plant cloning can be dated back to biblical times (Salisbury, 2000). Plant clones can consist of entire p...


Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity – An Inverse Relationship

Turbidity describes the degree of haziness or cloudiness of a fluid, caused by particles suspended within it (Park, 2007). In bodies of water, turbidity can be used as a measure of quality; with higher turbidity indicating lower q...


The indicators for Raven's Colored Progressive Matrices Intelligence Test

Raven’s progressive matrices is a nonverbal test of reasoning abilities, which is one constituent of classic conceptions of general intelligence or cognitive ability (e.g., Spearman’s g, Spearman, 1927; Raven, 1936). In this p...


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