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Employing ex-convicts - consequentialist and rights-based considerations

Employers are not generally allowed to turn away candidates for employment on the basis of superficial factors such as age, race, sexuality and so on. However, there are some clear potential risks that are faced by employers when ...


If a tree falls on a man in a forest, and no-one is there to see it, who is it possible to sue?

Without making a number of assumptions about this scenario the relevant method of litigation would be near impossible to determine. **Assumptions:** Assuming no foul play was involved, the most likely cause of action for the...


What is a latent defect? What are the remedies for latent defects?

Goods must be of a satisfactory quality, correspond with their description and be fit for their purpose. Where they are not so, they can be described as ‘faulty goods.’ Where goods are faulty by way of a defect at the time of ...


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