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What is the importance of fairytale mode in Great Expectations?

Fairytale mode is employed by Charles Dickens to challenge and subvert a multitude of elements within the narrative of Great Expectations (1861). Firstly, it challenges the moral simplicity of traditional fairytales by questioning...


Why was English for Specific Purposes developed?

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) was not a planned phenomenon, rather its emergence was attributable to three main reasons: the demands of a Brave New World; a revolution in the world of linguistics; and a developing focus on t...


Use of Humour to Disguise Racial Insults in "To Sir, With Love"

The text selected for this assessment is ER Braithwaite’s autobiographical novel _To Sir, With Love_. The novel, first published in 1959, documents the experiences of a young male Afro-Caribbean teacher working in an inner Londo...


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