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Impact of contemporary issues in the poem, "The Harp of India"

The Harp of India, published in 1923, when India was under British colonial rule, is a well known patriotic poem written by Henry Derozio, the first Indian poet to write in English. The poem opens with the metaphor of India und...


Discussions for Exploring Modern Zulu Tribal Costumes

The dress of the Zulu people forms one of the richest bodies of fashion culture in Southern Africa, renowned for its elaborate ceremonial costumes and coiffeurs worn (Gleimius, Sibanyoni, & Mthimunye, 2002). Anthropological and et...


Trends in Contemporary Literature

‘Contemporary literature’ is a term normally used to classify literary works produced after the Second World War or more recently. In this way, it can be used interchangeably with ‘postmodern literature’, although not all ...


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