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Steps Taken to Write an Essay

What are the steps taken in writing an essay?

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Answer Internal Staff

These are some steps that should be taken to write an essay. The first step is to think about the type of essay that you will need. This will be based on the question that is assigned to you for the essay. For example, the essay may require an explanatory approach or specific critical analysis. The second step that you’ll need to do is research the topic. This means that you need to read books, journals and other information sources to help develop your ideas and arguments for the essay. Remember to take a note of the books, journals and other sources you get ideas from as you will need to cite them in your essay. After you have conducted this research you should make a plan for the essay. You should write an outline of the different points you want to make in the essay and outline how they link together to answer the question. You should plan what you want to include in the introduction, main body and conclusion of the essay.

Once you have finalised your plan the next step is to write the essay. Each idea/argument that you had in your plan will become a separate section of your essay. After you have finished writing the content for the essay you need to make sure it meets academic requirements. You need to make sure every assertion that is made in the essay is supported by a relevant source, and, of course, remember to list all the sources in a reference list (or bibliography depending on the referencing style you use). You will also need to proofread your essay to remove any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Finally, make sure your essay is neatly presented; you should check to make sure the essay is consistently presented and meets your university guidelines.