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How to monitor self-development options if development needs are behavioural (such as decision making, being more vocal and assertive, taking criticism).

How to monitor self development options if development needs are behavioural such as decision making, being more vocal and assertive, taking criticism

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Self-development is a critical component for success; it enables a person to acknowledge and improve upon areas in which they are less strong and therefore facilitates progression, be that in one’s education, workplace or simply one’s personal life. However, developing oneself necessitates acknowledgement of areas which need to be developed - for someone with behavioural development needs, this can be a difficult process which may lead to them feeling as though they are the problem. Common needs cited are improved decision making, being more assertive and confident, and taking criticism constructively. Improving on indecisiveness can be incremental; making one small decision each day, then making 3-4 small decisions, before progressing onto more consequential decisions. Being more assertive can be difficult for those with a shyer personality type, but again, this can be implemented bit by bit. Voicing an opinion (when not directly asked) once or twice a day regarding small matters can be followed up by bolder and more impactful statements of opinion later. Taking criticism can be tricky, as no one likes to feel that they are being attacked: however, responding aggressively is unlikely to lead to a positive outcome. Instead of outwardly disagreeing, responding with ‘I see your point. I will monitor and see how I can improve’ can diffuse tension and provoke you to be open-minded enough to see how you can build on the issue raised. For those with needs of this sort, it is inadvisable to throw them directly into a situation where they need to be strong in the skills they struggle with – for instance, throwing someone indecisive into a leadership role without any development of their decision-making skills. Being conscious and considerate of people’s limitations, and working collaboratively with others to combat your own, is the best way to ensure successful self-development.