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Recommendations for future plan of Dubai city

what are some recommendations for future plan of Dubai city?

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Turning sand (which Dubai has lots of) into real estate to sell for cash is one of the strategies of economic diversification away from oil. In fact, to attract the world to Dubai, the city is building ‘The World’ on its doorstep. This, in addition to the construction boom in Dubai is a worry for environmentalists. Plumes of residue disturbed by the developments are causing permanent changes to current systems in the Gulf that carry developing fish and coral through the marine ecosystem. Furthermore, the city’s per capita consumption of energy is amongst the highest in the world.

Thus, it is recommended that the architecture of Dubai be designed to be more environmentally sustainable. One way of doing this is building revolving skyscrapers powered by wind turbines (and solar panels) placed between each flow (like the Dynamic Tower proposal). The idea is that this will act to produce surplus electricity per each skyscraper, which should be enough to power five other alike sized buildings in the vicinity.

Furthermore, due to further urbanisation of Dubai, traffic congestion is a major problem. Some practical urban planning recommendations include addition of new capacity in areas of the network, integrating regional roadway network planning and programming, better management of existing network, through Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies, including congestion pricing and improved signal coordination.