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Premium Customers

How can we do things (either in product reliability, service and calling from call center) for our premium customers in a tractor industry, in which customers will be more attracted to our product.

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Answer Internal Staff

One thing that could be done to attract more premium customers in the tractor industry with regard to product reliability is to provide additional services for premium clients. For example, premium customers could be provided with a service where they are provided with an emergency engineer. This could be a service where a premium customer has a hotline to a specialised tractor engineer who they can call 24/7 in case the customer’s tractor suffers mechanical failure. The tractor engineer would be on stand-by and would go to the customer’s location and fix the mechanical problem.

Another aspect related to product reliability could be that enhanced materials are used for the tractor. For example, better quality tyres could be used or more powerful engines could be used to achieve better performance of the tractor. The materials used should be of a better quality than what ‘normal’ customers would expect.

Another aspect of service that could attract premium customers is if each premium customer has their own personal customer service account manager. If a customer is given their own special customer service account manager, then they will feel more valued by the organisation as they have their very own account manager whom will be unique to them. The account manager would personally deal with any issues that the premium customer needs help with. This would be different than a ‘normal’ customer who will just call a generic call centre.