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PESTLE - Social Factors For Sweden

I am working on a pestle for organic food in Sweden, what can I write about for the social factor ?

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Answer Internal Staff

When conducting a PESTLE analysis for Sweden and focusing on social factors there are a number of points that you could look to include in your analysis. Three examples of these are provided below.

One key thing to include in the analysis would be the popularity of organic food products in Sweden. You should look to analyse the sales figures of organic food products over a number of years to see if you can identify trends in consumption. For example, consumption of organic foods may have increased or decreased over the last five years. This would identify a social trend for organic food consumption.

Another key thing to look at would be if there are any trends for particular organic foods. Again, you should look to analyse sales figures of organic foods. By reviewing sales figures for different organic food products, you will be able to identify social trends to find out the most popular organic foods in Sweden.

Something else that you can look at with regard to social factors in Sweden is overall trends in food consumption and lifestyle. For example, in recent years in Western Europe there has been an increasing trend for consumers to be concerned about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. Organic food consumption is part of this trend for healthy eating. Therefore, you should look to analyse if there is such a trend for healthy eating and lifestyles in Sweden. If there is such a trend, it is likely that organic food products will be popular in Sweden.