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The online marketing communication strategy of Dell

The online marketing communication strategy of Dell

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As a major company which primarily operates online it is very important for Dell to ensure that they operate an effective online communication strategy to support their wider marketing strategy.

Dell utilise a variety of online communication channels, which demonstrates their intention of interacting with a wide consumer base and promoting themselves as a responsive and interactive company.

They operate a huge number of social media accounts across several platforms, and these supply a wide range of information – from product news, to events, to support (Dell, 2016a). They have dedicated accounts for many different countries in which they operate, showing that messages are tailored based on regional requirements. This is generally consistent with a ‘glocalisation’ approach, where branding is kept mostly the same but products/messages are altered for regional audiences.

Another route that they use is through an innovative annual report to customers (Dell, 2016b). This report communicates various messages related to Dell’s activities. It comprises five main sections covering: leadership, Innovation, Customer partnerships, corporate social responsibility and performance. These give an indication of the company’s main communication focuses.

In addition, Dell have sought to create an online community in order to generate more customer interaction and benefit from user generated content – particularly with respect to support services.

The company has appeared to be successful in its communications strategy, as it has maintained a strong position in the computer market despite high competition and falling demand. Given that its main sales channel is online, its online communication efforts seem to have been effective in maintaining awareness and encouraging customers.

The messages of innovation support the company’s overall marketing efforts and are well suited to its products, as it operates in the technology industry.


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