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The corporate governance, mission, vision and stakeholders of Silver Line

Discuss the corporate governance, mission, vision and stakeholders of Silver Line

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Answer Internal Staff

Corporate governance - Silver Line Charity is governed by a board of trustees who meet to determine the strategic direction of the Charity, and managed by a small staff team led by the Chief Executive who operationalize the strategy and deal with the day to day running of the organisation. The board have approved a business plan, budget and risk map and the charity is managed within these parameters with decisions outside of this being debated and agreed at full board meetings or within the finance and governance subcommittee. The Finance and Governance Committee is a sub-committee of the main board and its responsibility is to review monthly financial reports, the rolling budget, financial controls, the risk register and progress against the objectives set out in the Charity’s business plan. It has also compiled and keeps up to date a Governance manual, which includes the Charity’s written policies on areas such as Vulnerable Beneficiaries, Risk Management, Conflicts of Interest Volunteer Management and Complaints Handling. During the year the committee has reviewed the charity’s financial controls and banking mandates.

Vision – To become best-known helpline for older people.

Mission – The objectives for which the Charity was established are to promote the protection of older people, and in particular, to befriend and support isolated older people, to help older people financially, medically and to give them advice, guidance and comfort.

Stakeholders – Silver Line has a wide range of stakeholders which includes, local authorities, members of Silver Line and their families, the president and founder of Silver Line, employees, the government, social services, local community, volunteers, trustees, corporate volunteers, and the Big Lottery Fund. Some potential direct impacts of Silver Line’s service include healthcare savings, less stress for families, personal and professional development for volunteers, and more.


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