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Marketing Department Functions of NGOs

Explain and outline the marketing department in general of Non governmental organizations (NGOs).

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Answer Internal Staff

The marketing department of an NGO is likely to have the same functions as any other organisation. For example, an NGO, just like a commercial organisation, is going to want to make people aware of their organisation’s brand. Therefore, the marketing department of an NGO will have people who are focused on communicating the brand to the public.

In order to communicate effectively, an NGOs marketing department will also need to conduct market research. This is so the marketing department knows who is currently aware of the NGO, who isn’t aware of the NGO, who to target communication at and how best to communicate to people who are aware and not aware of the NGO. For example, based on the research an STP approach could be applied to find out how best to position the communication and how to target this at the public.

Once such research has been conducted the NGOs marketing department will then know the best method to communicate with the target population of the public they are attempting to reach. This could be done through traditional media, such as by placing adverts in newspapers. However, it is also likely that a more modern method such as social media marketing is used. If social media marketing is used, it is likely that the marketing department will have a separate team that is solely focused on social media marketing. This is because effective social media marketing requires content to be constantly updated.