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Marketing Communications Applied by the Coca-Cola Company

What is the relationship between the marketing strategy and marketing communication applied by coca cola company?

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Answer Internal Staff

By having an effective marketing communications strategy can provide an organisation with a means of sustained long-term growth. In order to be successful, the components and elements of marketing campaigns which include images, text audio and video materials need to be implemented powerfully.

Marketing campaigns that have been initiated and conducted by Coca-Cola have several objectives to achieve, which include encouraging a liking for the brand, increasing short-term sales, forming buyer behaviour and others. The brand has used a wide range of media to promote Coca-Cola which include using platforms such as social media, television adverts, along with posters and billboards.

When reviewing the images and words that Coca-Cola use within various marketing campaigns, they communicate three types of messages and perceived benefits. Firstly, Coca-Cola aim to communicate the message that their drink is the best solution to satisfy thirst. Secondly, Coca-Cola aim to communicate the message that drinking the soft drink is associated with style, being cool and trendy. Furthermore, marketing campaigns aim to broadcast to their consumers that drinking Coca-Cola is part of everyday life. However, the above communications messages mentioned, are only perceived benefits and not factual information. Although, with the effective choice of components of integrated marketing communications and their efficient use, the company has been able become one of the most successful multinational corporations in the world for many generations.