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What are the key implications for managers in contemporary organisations?

What are the key implications for managers in contemporary organisations?

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Answer Internal Staff

One key challenge that managers have to face in contemporary organisations is the challenge of balancing resources with organisational goals and objectives. Managers strive to achieve organisational goals to the highest standard and achieve fantastic results, but often they do not have all the resources available to do it. For example, a sales manager may be set a high sales target and to achieve this target the sales manager thinks he needs an additional member of staff. However, there is no budget available to hire another person. The implication of this is that the manager will have to manage the resources that they have carefully in order to meet the target. Alternatively, it may imply that they need to justify, to more senior management, that hiring an extra person would benefit the organisation. The best way to provide such justification is to use data to show that hiring the extra member of staff would be profitable for the organisation in the long-term.

Another modern development is the rise in use of social media websites. Employees may make social media posts that reveal information about a company that should have remained secret, or they may make derogatory posts about the organisation. For example, they may criticise an organisational decision. This implies that managers need to have a clear social media use policy in place at the organisation. There needs to be a clear policy so that managers can manage social media use by employees at the organisation, with rules being set for what employees can and can’t post about the organisation. If a clear policy is set it should help to reduce negative posts about the organisation.