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Iceberg Conflict Analysis

What is iceberg conflict analysis method?

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The metaphor of an iceberg has often been used to describe conflict. This is due to the underlying assumption that there are things above the surface in plain sight and then there is every else going on away from prying eyes. When this idea is applied to conflict it is clear that some things are obvious to all those involved, as well as those watching, for example the issues causing the dispute as well as other causes of discontent, these would all be viewed as above the waterline in the iceberg comparison.

Beneath the water in this analogy there may be much more, you could have the hopes of the people involved, a group's values and underlying beliefs as well as their expectations and other views and feelings. As well as this, each individual will bring their own interpretation to the issue that would appear to be below the surface. While these issues may appear to go unnoticed when compared with what can be seen above the waterline, it is clear they could cause large issues in conflicts. Indeed, more often than not what is beneath the surface is integral to the conflict and who the people within it truly are.

With this in mind, it is evident that when things are left unexplored the lack of knowledge of what is bubbling below the surface can lead to missed opportunities to better understand the motivations and expectations within conflict. The iceberg analysis showcases the need to share what is under the surface so that all parties involved in conflict have the best chance at reaching a good outcome.