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Human Uses Of The Amazon River

What are the human uses of the Amazon River?

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Five key uses of the Amazon River for humans are as follows. One particularly important use of the Amazon River for humans is that it provides a source of food. There is a rich variety of wildlife that can be found in the Amazon River. For example, there are many different types of fish that inhabit the river. As well as fish there are other animals such as alligators, that are hunted for food and other water animals too.

Another important use of the Amazon river is that it can be used to generate electrical power, which provides an improved standard of living for citizens who can use the electrical power. For instance, the Brazilian government has built a series of hydroelectric power plants along the Amazon river.

The Amazon River is used to help transport people. Indigenous peoples make use of canoes and rafts and can travel along the river to different locations for various purposes, one of which would be to trade.

The Amazon River is also important for scientific research. As the river is so large and has not been fully explored in depth by scientists they still make new discoveries of species of animals and fish, even today. One fish that was recently discovered in the Amazon River is called the Electric Knifefish.

A final use of the Amazon River is that it can be used for recreational purposes. Many tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River each year to view and experience using the river. As well as just visiting the river, tourists and the local population of Amazonian countries swim in the river and use it as a place to exercise.