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How will rising mental health issues impact health and social care?

How will rising mental health issues impact the field of health and social care?

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Decades of research with regards to mental health in the UK have begun to finally lead to substantial reform and policy oriented toward equality for those suffering from mental illness. Mental health issues had previously taken a back seat to other more seemingly costly and dangerous diseases like cancer and diabetes with regards to national policy reform. However, a substantial body of recent literature has illustrated the effects of mental health on societal outcomes, including worker productivity, physical health and well being. A large body of research and media reports have also begun to illustrate the long-term benefits of mental health care on the prevention of dementia and stress-induced diseases like stroke and coronary heart disease. It is expected that this trend toward long-term prevention, particularly with regards to mental health concerns, will continue in the near future for health and social care workers. The formation to the Mental Health Act of 2010 has made mental health care a top priority for future health and social care efforts, and evidence suggests that quality of care has grown for those suffering from mental illness during this time. Mental health nursing will likely become an increasingly important position, and professionals within these positions will adopt key leadership roles in the design and implementation of individual and community based mental health care in the UK. The UK has become a global leader in progressive mental health care, and mental health nurses will be largely responsible for informing the world about effective care for patients with diverse mental and physical health needs.