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How to reference in a literature based paper

So this is my first time writing a literature paper and l'm so confused. lm not sure how l cite.

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Answer Internal Staff

The dual purpose behind academic citation/referencing is to show where information has come from, and to attribute work you use to its creator.

Different styles of referencing can be used, and depends on subject and university. Most social sciences (such as business, history etc.) use Harvard style referencing, but some will use APA. Law courses will normally use OSCOLA.

Check your assignment documents to find what style to use, or ask your lecturer/teacher – some lecturers may request a specific variety of the reference style. A helpful referencing tool can be accessed here [].

The key to getting good marks in a literature based paper is to show that you have read and understood the sources that you cite in the work. The most basic way is to mention a point and then reference an author that has discussed that point. A better way is to state what the author said about the point, and then provide your own ideas and why you think what they have said is good/useful. The highest marks will be awarded for critical analysis of sources. This means also discussing weaknesses of the arguments your source makes, and comparing what different authors have said on the same topic. When doing this it is important to remember to include your own ideas and judgements.

There are online examples of Harvard (UKessays, 2016).


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