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How many sources should I use for a 15,000 word dissertation?

In a 15,000 word dissertation for an MBA, what is the recommended number of sources one should look/research?

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Answer Internal Staff

For a 15,000 word dissertation, students would be expected to show a good understanding of the literature surrounding the topic. A literature review chapter for a dissertation usually account for 40-50% of the total mark, as such students are expected to carry a good level of research. There is no general guide as to the number of sources students should analyse in the literature review chapter. It is reasonable to say, that the more sources you are able to find on the topic the better. Where possible, always look for recent academic articles on the given topic. In general, it is the quality of the sources that matter, as well as the level of critical analysis. The number of sources used also depends on the grade you are striving to achieve. For the entire dissertation, students would be expected to refer to approximately 90+ sources.