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How HR Managers Support Line Managers and Staff

Discuss three ways HR professionals support line managers and their staff.

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HR managers can provide guidance to line managers on the development and introduction of policies and procedures concerned with effective employee management. This might include developing employee engagement policies or helping to formulate flexible working patterns to encourage job satisfaction. HR managers can recommend best practice, and also discuss with line managers any specific issues which may occur in this process.

HR managers can provide technical advice regarding legislation and regulation within the field of employment law. Specific examples might include advice on managing the recruitment of employees, taking into consideration the critical importance of avoiding any form of discrimination and also ensuring fairness and transparency in the recruitment process. Another example might be helping line managers to help employees transition toward retirement at the end of their career, again taking account of legislative and regulatory principles.

Thirdly, HR managers can help line managers and also employees manage practical issues such as learning and development. Good practice in HR and employee management recommends formulating personalised learning and development opportunities which are tailored to the individual learning style of employees, as well as the long-term goals and strategies of the organisation. Translating these concepts into practice is a role which HR managers can support.


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