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How do I complete a dissertation?

I am a student currently doing my honors dissertation (10k words) and I have just over two weeks to complete it and I am starting it from scratch.. I am doing quite a niche question on how China's One Belt, One Road policy can work in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. My question therefore concerns where the best place would be to go regarding references? Obviously there is googling, yet are there any sites you know of that offer a lot of free resources (namely books) or places to look which could offer some insight? Any general advice would be nice. Secondly, are there any general tips to doing this in two weeks? Obviously starting earlier would be one! But is there any general tips you could recommend regarding how much time to invest, or what to go about doing first and last for example?

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Begin by researching the academic literature on the topic, aim to review at the very least ten relevant and up to date (peer-reviewed) journals on the topic. You can find academic sources via Google Scholar or using your University library database. Your University library should also let you to borrow books for free. Each journal article will have a reference list of related sources which could be useful to review as well. Decide exactly what you want to research and how you will carry out the research (methodology).

Begin by writing the literature review chapter, then complete the methodology chapter and complete the findings and the results. Next, write up the conclusion, identify the limitations of the research and provide recommendations for future research. Finally, write the introduction chapter and the abstract. Since you only have two weeks to complete your dissertation, we would advise you to spend the majority of your time completing this.

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