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What are some examples of job enlargement, job rotation and job enrichment at Qantas Airways?

what are some examples of job enlargement, job rotation and job enrichment at Qantas Airways?

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Answer Internal Staff

Job enlargement involves the expansion of tasks for a specific role. This is done to provide additional challenge and interest for those in the role. It is important to ensure that the staff are capable and confident in completing their new tasks, because of this it is most suitable for tasks that are less specific or include overlap. Some possible enlargements could involve adding customer service tasks for administrative staff, and vice versa. Ground crews could also have expanded duties in order to share the varied tasks, such as baggage handling and basic (non-technical) aeroplane maintenance. This policy could be supported with training programmes, and internal internships and transfers. However, evidence from advertised vacancies suggests specific roles with limited enlargement (Qantas, 2016).

Highly related is the concept of job rotation - this goes further by swapping entire rolls, not just additional tasks. An example of this can be seen in the graduate schemes and internships offered by Qantas (Elesy, n.d.). These schemes allow the employees to rotate through different roles and departments in order to experience the business. It is reasonable to expect that this practice could be extended to other staff within administrative functions where similar skill sets may be required in different roles.

Job enrichment though fundamentally similar to job enlargement differs in that it expands the tasks of a role in a vertical rather than horizontal direction. That is, it offers tasks that are considered to require a higher level of skill. This provides an extra dimension of challenge and empowerment. Job enrichment can be used as a way to gauge employees’ ability and suitability for promotion; it is reasonable to expect that Qantas may do this. An example would be giving staff part-time or limited supervisory positions, or giving them leadership of projects.


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