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Ethical Dilemmas of Google

Please can you give a solid explanation of the ethical issues faced by google?

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Google is a global organisation, one that operates across the globe in hundreds of markets. Onyancha (2015) states that due to its global operations, Google as a firm faces various ethical dilemmas, ranging from Tax payments, search engine results filtration and usage of user data for revenue and targeted ad generation. A key ethical dilemma that Google faces is due to government pressure, associated with search engine result modification. The key ethical issue here is due to the influential position of Google at a global scale impacting filtration of search engine results. This impacts the neutral image of Google and hence impacts the mind-set of its users. Braun (2016) states that governments such as China are forcing Google to either filter or not offer their services at all in their markets, hence posing a key ethical dilemma for the organisation. The second key ethical dilemma faced by the organisation is the notion of ‘Creative Accounting’, Back (2016) highlights that due to Google’s usage of Ireland as a base for all its European projects, the organisation is saving significant taxes, while not illegal, this is a major ethical issue. Google as a firm, due to its position, is often tangled in ethical dilemmas such as these and needs to take these issues into account when developing long term strategies for the business.


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