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Do you write the paper for the student to hand in?

This may be a silly question, but, do you actually write the paper for the student to hand in to be marked?

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Answer Internal Staff

This is a very good question. The work that we provide is a model answer that is intended to help you learn how to complete your assignments yourself and get the grades you want.

The work is not meant to be handed in as your own work, as this would be plagiarism – which is an academic offence. We take plagiarism seriously, which is why we scan all our work to make sure that our researchers don’t plagiarise.

By providing you with a custom written piece of work that exactly meets your requirements and matches the grade you want we can help show you how the assignment should be approached.

This is just like when a lecturer or tutor provides a model answer. However, the model answers we provide are unique, and follow your exact requirements.

We hope you will use our model answer as a guide to help you complete your work to the best of your ability. Our researchers can provide you with ideas and sources just as you might get from asking a friend on your course (except our researchers are all highly qualified and experienced).

We have very high standards for our work, and we expect high standards from our customers too. This is why we have a fair use policy that you can read here: