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Compare and contrast Deming's 14 points and Crosby's 14 steps of quality

Compare and contrast Deming's 14 points and Crosby's 14 steps of quality

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Quality management forms the basis of how organisations operate as well as deliver end products or services to their customers. Junior (2015) indicates that quality management is of prime relevance in the current global market where consumer satisfaction is of utmost importance. While there are multiple schools of thought when it comes to quality management, the key approaches were put forward by Deming and Crosby. Breja (2015) indicates that although both models of quality management are focused towards the end goal of achieving highest quality of goods. Lagrosen and Travis (2015) state that in Deming’s approach, the most important factor is the customer itself and quality is governed by consumer feedback, Crosby on the contrary highlights that the organisations sets a standard of quality and it is not governed by customer perception. In terms of goals for quality, Deming’s approach points to how quality is all about exceeding and meeting customer expectation while Crosby states that quality is about continuous improvement defined at the production process. While there are various differences, both approaches agrees on the concept of how quality can be ensured in a business. Both Deming and Crosby state that responsibility of quality management needs to be pushed from the top, hence indicating that the vision of the business governs how it operates in the quality front.


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