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Description of the nature of relationships with customer within two selected not-for-profit organizations

Can you describe the nature of the relationships with customers within two selected not-for-profit organizations?

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Answer Internal Staff

The British Red Cross is a charity that deals with humanitarian services, and is a branch of the international Red Cross. One example of its activities is providing ambulance and first aid services to large events such as festivals and sporting events (BritishRedCross, 2016).

In this capacity the organisation interacts directly with its customers, who are the general public. The relationship exists as one of expectation, with the public expecting support to be available, and personal service, when aiding those in need. While for most members of the public direct interaction with this service is uncommon, when it does occur it is very high value and is a highly tailored and supportive. This leads to general good sentiment and support from the public and has led to a large community of 32,500 volunteers (BritishRedCross, 2012, p.2).

A second charity offers an example of an indirect relationship; the British Heart Foundation focuses on raising money for research into cardiovascular disease (BHF, 2016). In this sense its customer base is very broad as it seeks to help everyone, globally, by developing prevention and treatment of heart disease. A more direct customer could be the medical researchers who are funded by the charity.

In terms of the public, the relationship appears to be quite one-way, as donations are often made without seeing a tangible product or direct service returned. But, the public gain a sense of support and wellbeing from knowing research is being conducted, and may benefit later from research findings. In this sense the relationship is reciprocal, but over the long term. For researchers who are reliant on the charity’s funding there is a more direct relationship of cooperation, as the charity needs research results to justify its ongoing work and received donations.


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