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Current trends in educational standards

What current trends exist with regards to educational standards, continuing professional development and the promotion of leadership?

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Answer Expert #23709

Navigating the current health and social care crisis and accomplishing national objectives related to health and social care will require leadership within current and future health and social care professionals. An issue that has arisen within the past month is how to effectively train leaders in the health and social care profession to manage these challenges? Increased efforts have been placed in nationally accredited health and social care educational programmes to educate and train evidence based leadership skills, such as transformational leadership and servant leadership skills. However, the effectiveness of such efforts and the adoption of formal leadership frameworks in health and social care practice are unknown. A continual review of educational standards for promoting leadership and the qualities required to effectively lead within the UK health and social care system are necessary to effectively design educational curricula for future health and social care students. Much of the change than can be expected to occur to meet many of the current health and social care challenges will derive from grassroots efforts led my community based health and social care leaders. Clinical commissioning groups will be responsible for driving community based change that will eventually shape national health and social care policy. Leadership and management in health and social care will represent a key priority for educators, administrators and policymakers in the field. The changes that will occur in the future of health and social care are unexpected, and flexible, responsible and passionate leadership will determine if the UK is prepared to meet these challenges or not.